Design and Build Services

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Cashman is a full service landscape company.  All management of your project is handled by an in-house representative.  Your newly created landscape plan will be transformed into reality with care and craftsmanship.  The installation team’s attention to detail will insure a fabulous result.  During the progress of your project frequent site visits by our management and design staff will be made to insure you receive the best product.  Every construction team has a working foreman on site that can answer questions as well. These two factors help us develop a great client relationship.

Design.  Our design staff will transfer your dreams into reality. The process begins with an on-site consultation. From there, measurements, elevations & pictures will be taken.  Next, we will develop a landscape plan using our CAD based program that meets your requirements and budget.  While most projects are already working in conjunction with structural architects and engineers, the technology of our program allows us to conference regularly with these professionals to come to a more efficient final product.  Once our plan is developed, we will then meet at the project site and discuss the design.  We will then make any revisions in accordance with your input and make any changes to your proposal, if necessary.

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Excavation.  This service is completed with the use of Cashman’s fleet of loaders and excavators. These machines allow us to change and divert grades for drainage purposes or to create a new level lawn/entertainment area.  These machines are the backbone of our construction division. All owned by Cashman, these machines are well maintained and safe and without them most projects could not be completed.  Our diverse fleet of machines allows us to complete all types of earth-moving projects such as site work, foundations, drainage systems, utility trenching and complete property renovations.


Transplanting.  Maintaining existing mature plants on site or incorporating plants from other sites usually saves the clients thousands of dollars. Drum lacing using burlap and string or machine operated spade, Cashman has been involved in moving shrubs and trees up to our largest a 37’ by 42’ Japanese maple for a client approximately 15 miles from Harding to Florham Park, NJ.  And our most recent was the successful transplanting of twelve 7-9″ caliper kwanzan cherry trees on site at Jersey City Medical Center.



Plant Installation.  From screening to perennial gardens CLMD, with our in house designers, can establish new front entry gardens, formal gardens, and privacy screening. We can also install scented gardens, bird and butterfly gardens or sculpture gardens. What our clients imagine, Cashman can transform into a reality. We purvey our plant stock from some of the best nurseries and farms in the country. For specimen pieces, we have contacts with some of the best detail nurseries in the tri-state area. All plantings purchased are approved by a Cashman representative to be of the highest grade in the industry.

 Properly disposing of surface water away from a dwelling or an area widely used by the client. Water is very costly and damaging to a home. Diverting water using piping (all schedule 35 or stronger) from leader drains, or creating French drains, has become a service which is usually necessary to most projects. Along with recently passed regulation involving impervious coverage, many towns are requiring homeowners to manage their own surface water through seepage tank systems. Usually engineered, Cashman’s experience in seepage tanks is vast and sets us apart from the every day contractor. We set all of our own tanks and work closely with our engineers in designing these systems. Many of the systems are designed in house and then signed off by an engineer.

Seating and Retaining Walls.  Whether it is stone veneered, dry laid stacked, boulder or segmental block, walls are usually built to create larger spaces for accessibility. In the Northern New Jersey area this is a very desirable commodity. Cashman is a manufacture certified installer of segmental block walls. To this date, we have installed walls up to 14 feet in height.  Our boulders are natural stone farmed throughout the Tri-State area paying attention to color and texture. Our veneer and dry laid crews will hand tool and shape stone to either fit like a puzzle or as one of our clients requested “look like they have been there for 100 years”

Stone/Concrete Decking for patios walks and pool surfaces.  Using dry laid or wet laid material, Cashman can create walkways, patios, pool decks and driveways, using pavers or natural stone.  Dry laid has become very popular over the years, with the introduction of concrete pavers.  The decking moves with the freeze and thaw only to leave minor repairs in the worst of cases. The classic Wet laid application creates a very sleek and smooth surface. The application uses concrete slab foundation with rebar for added strength. Finally, stone slabs are set and mortared jointed. This surface is best applied when tied to a foundation of a raised patio or gunite pool.


Outdoor Kitchen and Fire pits.  An exclusive service to the discerning clientele. These areas are created to house large outdoor grills, outdoor refrigerators, kegerators or sinks. Using either natural stone or polished granite for counters, these areas, like in homes, become the focal area of the backyard. Another focal area is the Fire pit or Fireplace. Constructed to add yet another area to sip a glass of wine or smoke a deserving cigar while enjoying its warmth and beauty. Constructed from pre-cast materials or natural stone these areas will allow you to escape from one’s daily routine.

Fencing And Wood Structures.  Wood structures such as pergolas, arbors, trellises or decks can be added to any design to showcase an entrance, provide an area for wisteria to grow, or just for privacy. All materials are either premium Cedar, Mahogany or Ipe. These woods last for years of enjoyment and some, if weathered, naturally soften overtime. For fencing, Cashman will provide fencing for pools to meet all codes or gardens to keep animals out or just, in some cases, to provide security for ones family so the children do not wander too far. Most popular is our wrought aluminum, which provides both elegance and safety. However, decorative panel can also tie into the natural landscape along with providing the most privacy.

Lawn Installation.  For either a lawn renovation or new lawn at the end of a construction project. Cashman prefers to either sod or hydro-seed for large areas. These processes give the best and fastest results. When complete, the first cut is made and these lawns set the stage for all future gatherings.

WaterGardens and Water Features.  Cashman got into the market of design and installation of water gardens out of sheer demand. Through trial and error, Cashman found that a product by the name of Aquascapes has the best product for this application. This company has patented their waterfall Biofalls system along with their skimmer system. This company allows us to install any size pond, stream or even large pond in any shape or elevation that the client’s desire. When completed, you are the talk of the neighborhood.