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Lawn Maintenance.  Weekly lawn mowing, edging and debris removal of lawn, patio, sidewalk and driveway areas. This service is most commonly provided from April to October.

Spring and Fall Cleanups.  Annual property startup and closing before and after the winter months. During the spring clean up (March 1st til April 15th) we power rake lawns, hand edge bed lines, remove winter debris, apply pre-emergence to plant beds, and give the lawn a first cut. Fall cleanup (Oct 15th and November 30th) we are not only using our mowers to rid fallen leaves, we are blowing and removing fallen leaves from the site with our Vacuum services (depending on town cleanup ordinances) along with giving the property its final cut.

Turf Care.  To provide optimum growth, color and thickness in a lawn, organic levels in the soil need to be maintained yearly using fertilizers. To reduce the amount of pesticide CLMD uses an IPM approach to provide a weed free and insect free turf. CLMD also recognizes that this approach cannot be met without using a balanced amount of these before mentioned herbicides and insecticides in the beginning stages to provide a healthy lush turf.  We have established our turf care through a new company, GREEN HORIZON Lawn & Plant Health Care.  The link will provide more detail regarding these services.

Core Aeration.  This service is utilized to alleviate compaction within the grass root system. By removing cores of soil from your lawn, oxygen and water can penetrate deeper into the soil. This will allow for a stronger root structure within your lawn.

Plant and Shrub Maintenance.  In order to maintain proper shape and appearance, it is necessary to prune or shear certain evergreen and deciduous plantings after spring growth peaks. If pruned after peak season, this service only needs to be completed once. However, certain plantings no matter when you prune, continue to grow therefore, requiring multiple sessions of pruning.

Mulching.  This service is utilized annually or bi-annually. This allows CLMD to aesthetically highlight plant bed areas with classic dark rich fibrous mulch which creates a benefit to reduce weed growth and also breaks down naturally fertilizing existing plantings.

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