Snow and Ice Management

Snow 1

This service uses Cashman’s fleet of late model trucks, loaders and salters to provide safe access for our commercial clients. In the industry for 21 years, Sean Cashman (president) still partakes in this service. This service demands the greatest amount of precise forecasting and knowledge to be successful. Cashman’s crews of shovelers along with our vehicle and machine fleet are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Equipped with the latest radar tracking systems to not only forecast what storms are coming but how much, when, where and how long the storm will last. We are known to give our clients up to the minute forecasts to let them know safely whether work should proceed or it is time to shut down. Communication is paramount in this industry and Cashman partakes in all forms (i.e. radios, cell phone, email, text). If you are a client of Cashman’s and snow is imminent, if you call, we are there!

Plowing Services.  To begin, we will first map out and mark all curbing, fire hydrants, drainage basins and any other hazards which might not be so evident under a coating of snow. Once all areas are marked, the supervisor, assigned to the sight, will assemble a team of operators to come up with a plan of how to combat any storm scenario. Trucks mounted with plows, up to 10 ft in length, will be deployed upon the supervisor’s call. The supervisor is also well aware of the budget consciousness of our service. He is always monitoring a storm, so too be most efficient with his procedures.

Loader Services.  Our loaders are used in areas either too tight for a truck or large spaces, armed with containment plows, where there size, and sheer strength, can push mountains at a time. Loaders bring great efficiencies to a site. They are used whenever possible to keep costs to a minimum for our clients.

De-Icing Services.  To prevent hazardous conditions, rock salt is used widely to prevent the build up of ice from snow and sleet on all roadway and parking surfaces. Our spreaders are calibrated to each vehicle and each operator is trained in operation, maintenance, and safety of each unit. Sidewalks are handled with crews educated in proper dispersion of CMA coated calcium products.  The CMA product provides the best melt down time, while at the same time does not deteriorate sidewalk and abutting vegetation. Clients of Cashman also get the benefit of Ice Watch a service which provides random checks after the storm has been cleaned and completed. Daily sun creates a meltdown of existing snow, and in turn, at night creates a re-freeze. Ice Watch attends to this hazard (black ice), and in turn, keeps sites safe.

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